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wine labels

A few months back I posted about some wine bottles that I was designing for Flywheel as a self-promotional project. They’ve been sitting in our conference room ever since, but we’ve gotten some good feedback from clients whenever they see them on the shelf. So just in time for the holidays, we decided to make the label a full wrap-around with some tongue-in-cheek marketing copy on the back, and we’re giving them away as holiday gifts to some of our clients. I had so much fun designing these – and it was great to tie raffia on top, make the tag, photograph them, and have a finished product. So satisfying!

self promotional wine labels

I got the concept after hearing from somewhere that there are more and more young people interested in wine, who don’t know much about it – and therefore are easily swayed by names and labels. Being one of those wine-buyers myself, I thought that what I most want to know about wine is whether it goes with my dinner!

wine labels

I found the tags at Michael’s, in the Martha Stewart aisle. The stamp on the tag (which is of our logo) was custom made from Rubber Stamp Champ.

custom logo stamp

Our marketing director, Kristy, came up with the ridiculous copy on the back of the bottle (that’s ridiculous in a good way), which you can read on the Mint flickr page. You can also head there to see more photos of the project!

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December 19, 2008 at 6:08 pm

These are great! I always buy wine for the label, and never know if it will actually be good let alone pair well with the food! I would buy these!


December 21, 2008 at 4:38 pm

Those look great Ellie! Wine bottles have always worked for my clients, unless you have that one that doesn’t drink wine. I have one that only drinks coffee. Now that would make for an interesting label.

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