cute invites

Aren’t these fabric-backed invitations from two brunettes adorable?


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    I emailed Carolynn to ask about attaching the fabric, and she replied, “So heres the inside scoop! I so love fabric on invites. I know Ive seen it done with running the fabric through this sticker machine called the Xyron. That wasn’t working for me at all. The fabric got really wrinkled and stuck to itself and then you would pull it apart and it would fray. It was a mess. So i was about to give up, but I tried just send the invite itself through the Xyron and it worked perfect and its very sticky! So I placed it flat down on the fabric and then smoothed it out with a bone folder, and used really good fabric scissors to cut a smooth edge. I don’t recommend trying this if you have like a 100 invites it takes a little while but I supposed if you have a while to make them then you are in good shape!”

    Thanks Carolynn!

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    I have enjoyed reading your blog over the weekend and all about your lovely wedding. I have found a few more inspiring blogs from your posts like this one from two brunettes. I have nominated you for “One Lovely Blog Award” on my blog today.


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