LabourLove in durham, nc

After The Cotton Room party, we headed downstairs in Golden Belt to check out LabourLove, Durham’s newest gallery and retail space. John Pelphrey, one of LabourLove’s owners, gave us the low-down and it sounds pretty exciting. Not only do they show original works by contemporary artists, but they pick a few pieces from each artist to sell as affordable giclee prints. They have a fancy heat-setting machine so that they can put the prints on t-shirts or pillows, too.

John and his partner, Kelly Dew, have been also experimenting with re-upholstery, and plan to add lots more home decor kind of items in the future. In addition, LabourLove will be available to rent for children’s art classes and other events. As John says, “Kelly and I are excited to open LabourLove and begin dispelling the myth that understanding and appreciating art is reserved only for those with formal art training or elite social status.”

Brendan and I especially liked Luke Miller Buchanan’s photo-based work, and the painting of Obama eating ice cream (see the pillow above) by Kevin McGoff.

You can see a few more of my photos on Mint’s flickr page.


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    I love this space and the work in it. It’s right down my alley and the idea that art should be accessible to everyone is my philosophy as well. My studio in Golden Belt (131) echoes some of the same…mod art and unusual home decor…come visit us! Golden Belt is the place to be.

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