it’s back!

OK, not to say I told you so, but… come on. We all knew it would happen eventually. Polaroid film will be back in to production in 2010 with the help of Urban Outfitters and The Impossible Project. When Polaroid stopped manufacturing instant film in 2008, The Impossible Project bought all the equipment and machinery. This year, Urban Outfitters will release 700 limited edition sets of polaroid cameras and one pack of polaroid film. Next year, they’ll be selling film packs too.

In conjunction with the release of the special edition Polaroid film and camera kits, Gallery Space at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles is hosting a month-long group show of Polaroid photography.

Now, would someone please start manufacturing (affordable) gocco supplies?? : )

[photo by flor]


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    hey aaron, yep! Etsy is a great place to get supplies and there are other shops too… but, I have my complaints. I hope someone with a good website, inexpensive supplies, and reliable stock will come along someday!

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    Hooray! After the responses I kept seeing, I figured they’d have to be crazy to ignore the market for avid Polariod users!

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    how exciting! i had purchased a Polaroid and film to use at my wedding reception a few years back (I’d never had a Polariod growing up). I was really disappointed with the picture quality. I think the film had been sitting there in the drugstore for far too long!

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    ACK!!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!! So happy it’s back :) I bought a polaroid camera right before they stopped making it :( how sad….but yay!


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