justin boots

mmm… yes please.


  1. says

    ahhh I love Justin boots. That just happens to be the brand of the boots I have (and that I took some engagement pictures in!)

  2. jd says

    awesome! my fave shoes ever. comfy and great for wandering around the desert, which i do frequently out here in AZ. i own the middle pair, but mine are pink instead of turq.!

  3. allison says

    i’ve been reading a while… and never commented… but i just had to this time. i OWN the ones in the middle (for actual horse riding and such), and i have to say, they are supremely comfortable all day wearable types of boots. i recommend them highly!

  4. Stephanie Scott says

    Mint, thanks so much for your lovely posting of Justin Boots! You picked a few beautiful pairs! I work with Justin Boots and am so pleased to see our boots on your site! I hope everyone enjoys them!

  5. says

    Oh I need one of these!! I live at the beach and I think that maybe they can look good with a white dress and a pretty belt!
    Love it!

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