this week’s recipe: immune boosting juice

As a gift, we recently got a Breville Juice Fountain, and wow are we impressed. It takes seconds to make delicious, healthy juices, and many fruits can just be dropped into the machine whole. Easy.

So I’ve been on the lookout for good juice recipes but haven’t found a great source yet (does anyone have one?). This grapefruit, ginger, strawberry, and mint juice recipe from Green Kitchen Stories is top on this week’s list.


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    Yum that sounds great! I have a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer and I love it! I usually stick to: celery, cucumber, carrot, spinach, apple, strawberry. It is so good for you and my skin looks amazing when I juice!

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    hi there,
    just got myself a juicer to beat the winter bleh :) I’m seriously addicted to “capple” at the mo (carrot+apple) but a french friend tells me about the delights of lychees+coconut milk!! haven’t tried it yet but shall soon.
    perhaps an idea?

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    how has the breville been with pulp? i love making juice, but stripping the fiber out of the fruit, makes it a toxic sugar concoction for me. thanks!

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    Hi Natalie, Most juicers separate out the pulp, which is where the fiber is (although I suppose you could put it back in your glass!). Making juice is definitely not as healthy as eating the fruit, but then again you’re not likely to sit down and eat a whole carrot, apple, strawberries, etc. at once… The juice is full of vitamins and minerals, so it’s still good for you and a great source of energy! I don’t think all the pulp is separated out either, because if I let my juice sit it sort of separates and you can see some pulp. Hope that helps! —Ellie

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    I am addicted to this recipe that our entire family enjoys every morning without fail-
    The benefit of juicing veggies, not necessarily fruits, is the additional serving of greens & veggies for your daily intake, as well as the quick concentrated uptake for your system. A green smoothie is great to follow up with so that you stay full longer with the fiber intact but juicing is superior for excellent metabolizing of the nutrients. Your system doesn’t have to work to absorb it mainly because the fiber IS gone- this is a very good thing as you want maximum absorption of all those much needed minerals. It’s a feast for your body! Avoid high sugar fruits as this is a concentrated dose of sugar, that does provide nutrients, but can be counter productive if you are trying to alkalize your body. Try to make your juice out of 80% veggies with 20% fruit to sweeten, just a tad, if you like.

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