the bottled project, with nolan pelletier

The Bottled Project was conceived by Alexx Boisjoli, who runs rcboisjoli, a small design studio in Toronto. He describes his work as “mainly in ceramics, with a focus on forms and function but also on surface illustration. I use a decal transfer process to apply silk screened graphics onto the fired glazed surface of my wares, (it works just like a temporary tattoo, but very much permanent). We’re driven to create small runs of dynamic and purposely handmade wares. Each stage of production is done in studio by hand. We’re inspired by early glass & ceramic production and also vintage products and packages.”

Boisjoli has just launched an inspiring collaboration involving 10 illustrators and 1,000 ceramic pill bottles. Each of the artists will have 100 bottles produced with their design, forming what is known as The Bottled Project.  The project aims “to create a direct connection between the craft world and illustration, we hope to give the opportunity of ceramic production to ten designers who may not have the chance otherwise. In collaborating we’re hoping to expand skills of ceramics with the creative talents of emerging illustrators.”

The Bottled Project has just launched its first round of bottles by illustrator Nolan Pelletier, featuring a lovely two-colored lion and a blue crown. All of The Bottled Project work can be purchased on rcboisjoli’s etsy site. Be on the lookout for the second round which should be up soon!  


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