In the Kitchen: Love and Lemons

I’m not sure if it’s that light grey marble or that beautifully crafted food or that simply set type that makes me go gaga over every last one of Jeanine’s, from Love and Lemons, posts. If you haven’t met her yet, well, here’e a little snapshot. 

What is your best memory in the kitchen (current or past)?
The kitchen in our house now is probably too new to claim a “best memory” just yet. My warmest kitchen memory is probably baking cookies with my mom and my sister when I was very young. I remember not being tall enough to reach the countertop and my mom would pull over these special stools so my sister and I could help. I remember flour everywhere and, of course, eating the raw dough.

Whats the best thing about your kitchen?
It sounds weird to say since we mostly photograph food for our blog at night after it’s dark, but the best thing about my kitchen is the light. One side is nearly all windows so the kitchen gets flooded with light. The cabinets are creamy white, and the countertops are grey marble so it’s very bright and airy. It’s modern, without feeling cold… and with enough antique-y details to give it an old soul.

What is your favorite meal to prepare?
I love cooking most when I’m trying something new, so I don’t really have a specific favorite. But I’m inspired by beautiful, colorful, fresh vegetables, so I love to prepare meals that are vibrant and healthy.

What does your dream kitchen look like?
I feel like people are going to hate me after this, but it looks like it does right now. My husband Jack and I moved into this house about a year ago. I worked closely with our architect who is a very good friend… together we planned our dream kitchen. Jack was lucky we let him move in at the end.

What 3 guests would you like to have around your dinner table?
My mom, my sister, and my grandmother.

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