book review: the complete engraver

Nancy Sharon Collins presents this thorough history of the art of engraving, and more generally, the history and etiquette of social stationery. The Complete Engraver is chock-full of original engraving samples to get your design juices flowing, including calling cards and monograms ranging from the 1800s to modern day.

Collins details the engraving process, with specific attention to designing monograms, ciphers and crests. Curious details, such as when sending condolences, the thickness of the stationery and envelope border should correspond to the stage of grief, will fascinate even the casual stationery enthusiast. In addition to her technical and artistic expertise, Collins also provides guidelines for writing personal notes of gratitude or sympathy. As an added bonus, two digital Monotype fonts which were inspired by engraver typefaces are available for free to those who purchase The Complete Engraver.

Thanks to Princeton Architectural Press for providing a review copy.


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