Kitchen Originals: Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and we’ll soon be left with too much turkey, cranberry sauce, and dinner rolls. But it just so happens to be my favorite problem and my favorite sandwich. This crazy simple recipe yields high flavor in zero time.

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich
makes one sandwich 

dinner roll
leftover cranberry sauce
honey mustard
leftover turkey
mixed greens
sautéed onions (olive oil + sea salt)

1. Cut dinner roll in half. Add cranberry sauce to one side and honey mustard to the other.
2. Layer with turkey, mixed greens, and sautéed onions.
3. Heat if desired. Serve.

Happy Thanksgiving and leftover sandwich making!


  1. says

    I always love the week after christmas when we have tons of leftover turkey, ham and cranberry sauce. Last year I made turkey/cranberry/camembert pizza, turkey/cranberry/camembert toasted sandwiches, turkey salad, ham salad… you get the idea! tests your creativity!

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