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navy or black bedrooms

Brendan and I are turning what used to be our guest room into our master bedroom, and that means starting (almost) from scratch! We inherited a king size bed, and found a red and black kilim rug from a thrift store. We’ve got our dressers and bedside tables already, so really we’re just working on curtains, lighting, artwork,¬†mirrors to bounce some light around,¬†pillows, and… PAINT! I tend to be color-shy with wall paint, and thought the room would look best with white or pale blue walls (you can see some of my light-and-airy bedroom inspiration here). But Brendan wanted to go bolder, so we’ve picked a dark blue paint with crisp white trim.

It’s being painted today, and I’m a little scared.

navy bedroom paint

It’s already one of the darker rooms in our house, so I hope the dark color wasn’t a big mistake. Photos coming soon, but until then, these photos are reassuring me that dark will be good and cozy. I love it paired with neutral linens, and that top photo looks great with the black and white artwork and gold bedside lamp.

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    I’ve always dreamed of painting our bedroom dark dark blue but could never pull the trigger. I love the way the edge of the door is painted orange in the last photo!

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    We went dark in our bedroom. We tried our dining room first since it has nice big windows. The color wasn’t quite what we wanted, so we refined it a little before doing our bedroom.

    We used Martha Stewart Living “Seal” in the bedroom is it’s the perfect warm but still neutral dark. I don’t have any finished photos, but here is a quick photo of the room:

    In our dining room we used Benjamin Moore’s “Deep Space”. It’s bluer in person, but still a beautiful color:

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see how your “sleep cave” (as we call it in our house) turns out! Remember, it ALWAYS looks darker on the walls!

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