book review: The Little Paris Kitchen


I have two cookbook rules. One: I just can’t love a cookbook unless it’s filled with beautiful pictures. My second rule is that the recipes have to be pretty basic. I don’t want to have to purchase any gadgets, and the recipes need to be ones that I can make on a week night, without taking over the entire evening. Check and check. The Little Paris Kitchen is a must-have for those who love French food but like to keep it simple.


Author Rachel Khoo says, “You may think French cuisine is overlooked these days, sterotyped with the stuffy image of an old-fashioned chef laboring over a terribly complicated dish, finished with a ton of butter. ‘Main non!’ I say. French flavors and techniques needn’t be out of reach of the everyday home cook.”


In The Little Paris Kitchen you’ll find classics like boeuf bourguignon and coq au vin (but with a creative twist!), in addition to snacks, appetizers, and sweet treats. Time to get grocery shopping!



Final verdict (Buy It, Borrow It, Forget It)? Buy it.


Thanks to Chronicle Books for the review copy.


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