book review: Black and White: New Monochrome Graphics


Who doesn’t love a good picture book? Especially when those pictures are witty, beautiful and inspiring designs from around the world. “Black & White” is a collection of 130 monochrome graphics, assembled by Viction:ary as the first book in their salute to Palette series.


Despite the limited palette, or perhaps because of it, the designs featured are dramatic and attention-grabbing. After all with just black and white, the artists’ use of line and shape have to be keenly edited. Certain designs are brought to life by their environment, such as my personal favorite – a bread bag which turns the top of a tasty baguette into a gnome hat. Other projects include patterned mannequins and milk bottles, business cards and bagel packaging. All the featured projects are photographed and printed in full color, and will serve to get your creative juices flowing.




Final verdict (Buy It, Borrow It, Forget It)? Buy it.

—Ellie and Melissa

Thanks to Viction:ary for the review copy.


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