embrace the failure

Oh, what a treat you’re in for! The above video is about 7 and a half minutes long, but it’s full of things you’ll want to write down and mull over for a long time. Milton Glaser is the graphic designer most well known for his “I Heart New York” campaign, and in the above video he talks about the fear of failure.

An excerpt:

“The thing that we most fear in regard to failure is our own self acknowledgement that we really don’t exactly know what we’re doing. There’s only one solution… you must embrace failure. You must admit what is. You must find out what you’re capable of doing and what you’re not capable of doing. That is the only way to deal with the issue of success and failure, because otherwise you will simply never subject yourself to the possibility that you’re not as good as you want to be, hope to be, or as others think you are. But that is of course delusional. So my advice finally about fear of failure, which is a kind of romantic idea… there’s only one way out. embrace the failure.”

And the thing I, myself, keep mulling over? “The model for personal development is antithetical to the model for professional success.” Watch it.

via The Wall Breakers by way of Elijah Leed


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February 6, 2013 at 7:11 pm

This definitely makes me think! It’s so true that we can be so afraid of failure, when failure is probably the thing we learn the most from. Thanks for sharing this!


February 9, 2013 at 10:08 am

I am SO glad you posted this! I think I am going to have to watch it at least one more time to really absorb everything, but I feel so comforted and validated already. Thank you, thank you for sharing, so happy that you did. Really speaks to my heart and where I am in my life right now. :) Thank you, Ellie!


February 28, 2013 at 2:04 pm

This is an absolutely amazing video. So eye opening. So moving. And completely reassuring. I think fear of failure is at the root of everything we do. From our profession to our relationships. It’s something that we run from, but we can never really hide from… despite what we might think. I think this is why so many of us idealize celebrities because they seem infallible, and we want that kind of magic. Though we all know deep down that they are just people too. But there is a trend happening globally, where barriers and walls are coming down. There is more transparency between the professional and the novice. The fan and the celebrity. I guess in some ways we are coming to term with our humanity… which helps us find our divinity. Thanks for sharing!

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