In the Kitchen: Illustrated Bites


I can’t remember how exactly Heather of Illustrated Bites and I met. I think it was through a blogger friend of a blogger friend. Or something like that. But I was immediately hooked. She’s unlike any other food blogger. Photographs are almost nowhere to be found on her site. That’s probably because she’s an illustrator, a very talented one, and illustrates all of her recipes. I see a pretty book that sits on the shelves of Anthropologie in her future. You don’t want to miss her MINT inspired recipe for today either.

What is your best memory in the kitchen (current or past)?
Anytime that I’m cooking with family or friends is a great time in the kitchen. I think cooking and eating should be a social event. If I could have folks over for dinner every night of the week, I would!

Whats the best thing about your kitchen?
I live in an apartment, and my kitchen is small and leaves a lot to be desired, but I love my gas stove. I think gas ranges are pretty common on the west coast, but it’s my first one and I can never go back to an electric oven again. Also, there’s really cute aqua tiles behind the sink that I love.

What is your favorite meal to prepare?
I cook cornbread and collard greens any chance I get. My boyfriend and I are both from North Carolina, and we remedy homesickness with Southern food. I’ve definitely become much more of a Southern cook since moving to California.

What does your dream kitchen look like?
One day I hope to have a big open kitchen that lends to entertaining and hanging out. It will have plenty of counter space and storage, a dishwasher, a big harvest table, gas stove (of course!),  and colorful tiles.

What 3 guests would you like to have around your dinner table?
Three guests who I would love to have dinner with are a few figureheads of the East Bay food community. Alice Waters the owner of Chez Panisse, Michael Pollan food writer and author of books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Novella Carpenter, urban farmer and author of Farm City. They’re just a few people in the area that really make the East Bay a special place be.



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