cheap & easy art for our bedroom


A few months ago, I found some beautiful art books at a used book store for just a few dollars. I’m usually not one to take books apart, but I bought these specifically for pages I wanted to frame. Here’s how they turned out! We bought pre-fab frames from Michael’s and had them cut custom mats to fit the artwork (we waited until they had a 50% off sale). All in all, we spent less than $25 per piece.


The wood cuts are from a book called German Expressionist Woodcuts (so many more prints in there I’d love to frame) and the prints of rugs/fabrics came from The Handwoven Fabrics of Thessaly.


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April 17, 2013 at 1:38 pm

such a great idea ! i did the same thing with a vintage children’s book i loved. one of my favorite pieces of art.

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