double take: Pimentón

DoubleTake_PimentonI bought my first tin of pimentón (aka Spanish smoked paprika) a few years ago for a paella recipe that I never ended up making. I had gone to several stores to find it, so despite my abandoned paella, I was on a mission to use the mystery spice.  I sprinkled a pinch in my black beans, I rubbed it on oven baked ribs, I mixed it into barbecue sauce, and I fell in love. Don’t let your boredom with plain jane paprika deter you. Pimentón won’t just color your deviled eggs; it adds a rich, distinctive smoky quality to foods. When you’re ready to start your Spanish love affair, try Lottie & Doof’s Pimentón Roast Chicken and Potatoes or these Roasted Pimentón Chickpeas from the Curvy Carrot.

–Melissa P.


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