double take: fresh figs


Oh how I long for a fig tree! Fresh figs are sweet, textural, and delicate, which is partly why they aren’t around for very long. If you’ve only had dried figs, now is the time to sample this ancient fruit, whose season typically wraps up in October. Grab a basket at your local farmers market and try these gorgeous honeyed fig trifles with goat cheese mascarpone yogurt cream from kitchen confidant…the name might be a mouthful but the recipe sounds like a cinch. Or break out your cast iron pan for the kitchy kitchen’s brandy and fig clafoutis, a baked french pancake spiked with brandy to start your weekend off right!

–Melissa P.


One Response to “double take: fresh figs”

Taylor Sijan

September 26, 2013 at 8:19 pm

I love fresh figs. I wish I could have a miniature tree in my house, but alas, it’s too cold where I live. Before I had met him, my boyfriend had never tried them before. He loves them now! I like to just eat them fresh as a snack. Yummy!

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