minted here: shaved roots


This doesn’t even qualify as a recipe, and I got the idea from Sunset magazine, but it’s too smart not to share. Thanksgiving might be over but we are still smack in the middle of party season, and this one will come in handy. Shaved roots! That’s it. It’s so easy, but they are a perfect addition to your appetizer menu. I used watermelon radishes (gorgeous!), turnips and kohlrabi. Use a mandoline or thinly slice them and you’re done. The turnips and radishes have a little natural spice, the kohlrabi is earthy sweet, but all three are light and flavorful; just the thing to clear the palate between cheeses or creamy dips.

The photo above is courtesy of my talented brother in law, Dylan Chorneau…below are a couple more he snapped last week during the thanksgiving prep.

thanksgiving3 thanksgiving2 thanksgiving4

–Melissa P.

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