For the Love of Home & Parties – Freshened-Up Yellow Outdoor Table


When I saw this yellow table from West Elm (image below), my first thought was- I want that! My second thought was – and you shall have it – – and for less than $10. Granted it doesn’t have that neat base that the West Elm one does, but I’m quite pleased with the way two cans of spray paint have transformed this sad little black table that was languishing in the backyard.


IMG_9540 - Version 2

I could barely wait for the paint to dry before I pulled up a chair and set up shop!

PS. The color is Rust-Oleum Sunburst Yellow.

For the Love of Home & Parties – Changing Table Dresser

changing table

I get asked this question a lot – so I thought I’d share – my number one tip for setting up a baby’s room.

You don’t need to buy a changing table. Take any dresser, add a changing pad, and when your little one is finally potty-trained, get rid of it as fast as you can. (Keep the dresser, of course!) To be safe, I recommend using velcro-strips to secure the changing pad to the top your dresser).

changing table 2


For the Love of Home & Parties – Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers

pinwheel toppers

I’ve used these mini-pinwheel picks for cupcake toppers on numerous occasions. I found them at the dollar store – score!

The kids in my son’s class were so excited about the cupcakes to begin with. Then they realized they were all getting mini pinwheels and their brains just about exploded with joy. So fast, easy, and fun!



For the Love of Home & Parties – Fringey Wrapped Present


I was so excited about last week’s Cinco de Mayo place cards that I had a sudden urge to put fringe on everything. A very special little girl’s birthday is coming up soon – so I added some layers of red, pink and white fringe to a boring craft paper wrap job. Now how pretty it is!


All you need to do is cut tissue paper in strips, fold it over on itself a few times, cut fringe, unfold and glue on. I used quick-drying craft glue and it was perfect. Once the glue is dry, gently ruffle the fringe to give it a little lift. (Happy Birthday, Scarlet!)


For the Love of Home & Parties – Cinco de Mayo Place Cards


Now, normally when I think of Cinco de Mayo, I don’t think sit-down meal, right? I mean, barbecue or potluck sounds more like it. However, I couldn’t stop myself from making these fringy place cards. So, even if you don’t make them for next week, think of how cute they could be for a baby shower with say, light pink, bright pink and white tissue paper, or an engagement party using the colors of the wedding. A few minutes of snipping and a few minutes of glueing, and you’re done!