happy halloween!


I can’t get this wiggle worm to stay still long enough to get a photo of her in full costume! But here she is dressed in the important parts. My little lobster. Happy Halloween!


book review: The Art of I Love You

the art of i love you

The Art of I Love You is a tiny and sweet collection of love-themed images from such visual artists such as Julia Rothman and Rifle Paper Co. The pieces consistently transform stale Valentine symbols like hearts and flowers into charming and modern sentiments.

the art of i love you

“For all the things we want to say but don’t, for all the things we know in our hearts but can’t express with words, we turn to the images in The Art of I Love You. And they reflect and magnify our love, dozens of times over, beautifully.”

the art of i love you

Final verdict (buy it, borrow it, forget it)… borrow it. Get a little loving inspiration and go make your sweetie a valentine of their very own.

—Melissa P. and Ellie

Thanks to Chronicle Books for the review copy.

For the Love of Home & Parties – Mini Flowers in Egg Cups


A sweet little Easter arrangement – using mini daffodils and vintage millinery flowers placed in a vintage egg cup. One at each place setting would be so sweet for Easter.



The Common Denominator: Hearts

Mint: The Common Denominator—Hearts

I can’t help myself but smile at these pretty little hearts from two of my favorite bloggers, who also share the same name—Ashlae and Ashley. Valentine or no Valentine, you need these Almond Linzer Cookies with Cherry Preserves from Oh Ladycakes and these Heart Glazed Donuts from Sugar and Cloth in your life. I think they’ll make your heart happy.


For the Love of Home & Parties – DIY Valentine’s Sharpie Mug


I’d been wanting to try this for a while – and thought Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse/motivation/reason to get my act together. I got a plain white mug at the dollar store and some gold paint pen Sharpies. After a little internet research, I wrote my message then put it in the oven on 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I think I’ll hand wash it, but it seems pretty baked-on to me.

It was so easy I can’t wait to try it with my kids for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day – you name it! But for now, Happy Valentine’s Day!