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Did you check out my DIY business cards post over on Pitch yesterday? Lots of good ideas, and as promised, here are my handmade business cards! They’re digitally printed on some paper left over from a past project, and then patterned masking tape and string were added afterward. Looks like I’m ready for Alt!


{These will be added to the shop next week, in case you’d like a set of your own!} Sorry, these are no longer available for sale!



© Ellie Snow


  1. says

    These look awesome! I love the combination of the different materials; each of these is like a little collage! Oh your cards will stand out so much more than others.

  2. says

    I love these! They all look so personalized. I love that they’re different. I would definitely add these to my inspiration board at home!

  3. says

    Ellie, these are totally kicka**! Way to go! And I’m def popping over to Pitch to see all the deets — Have a blast at Alt!

  4. demoree says

    ellie, you have remarkable color sensibility! the patterns are simply gorgeous, and from what i can tell (by reading your blog and seeing your design work) they really express you.

  5. says

    wow, thank you so much! i’m glad you guys like them :) it’s always weird to look at the 100th card you made and go, “wait, are these good?” so i’m glad you think yes. i’ll be furiously tying knots on the plane.

  6. says

    ellie, these are great! i love that you could create something amazing from things you already had… and it reflects your design sense so well!

  7. says

    ah! wonderful! i have a small-town event coming up asap, and my business cards won’t be back from the print press in time. this is perfect!! i’ve been looking for some wonderful project to do with patterned masking tape!

  8. says

    awesome! of course, this design is copyrighted (and for sale, if you’re interested!) but i’m glad you find them inspiring enough to make your own DIY cards!

  9. says

    I also really enjoyed the DIY cards over on Pitch. Never thought there would be so many cool ways to DIY cards! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S I love your style of design, your blog is so inspiring!

  10. says

    These are really great biz cards. I love collecting cool business cards and tacking them on my inspiration board in my craft room. These would definitely be a great addition to the collection!

  11. says

    I *love* these. I find that having many different styles of the same card engages the recipient at a new level – give them a little stack and let them pick their favorite (which is what I do with my moo cards that aren’t half as cool as yours!).

  12. says

    Wow – I love these handmade business cards by Ellie Snow of the design blog Mint. It just goes to show what you can create with a digital printer, pretty masking tape and lots of creativity. The cards will soon be for sale in Ellie’s shop. Inspiring and adorable…

  13. says

    These are really lovely business cards. I can’t believe they were handmade! We’d love to showcase them on our blog if you don’t mind? We will link back and give due credit of course.


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