easy DIY nursing cover

DIY nursing cover

Determined to nurse but a little bit modest, I was thrilled to find this DIY nursing cover tutorial on Coterie. You only have to sew one line, so it is incredibly easy to make, and the entire project—one yard of fabric and a spool of matching thread—cost me less than $7. There are some beautiful nursing covers online (I liked this one) but I couldn’t justify the cost. And, I love that the one from Coterie doesn’t look like an apron or bib and covers my back.

I spent much more time trying to understand the instructions than making the shawl (I’m a novice!), so in addition to reading the step-by-step on Coterie, you might find the below image helpful.

nursing cover diy

I’m on the smaller side, so instead of sewing 13″ to the neckline, I sewed 16″. It may seem strange that you will end up with an asymmetrical shawl, but I realized that the shape allows for a little extra coverage with a baby underneath.

I think you could make one of these without sewing at all by just cutting a slit into the center of a yard of jersey knit fabric.

You can see more baby & kid DIY projects over on my Pinterest!

Originally seen on Grey Likes Baby.

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  1. says

    I am a horrible sewer. Like, I have only sewed one or two things in my entire life. Thank you SO much for posting this. I just made a cover and love it. Mine cost a whole $3.50! I didn’t cut it at all, just to have some extra length to it because my baby girl likes to play with the cover while she eats. Your images definitely helped me understand the process much better, too! Thank you!!!

  2. Christine says

    Thank you for this tutorial! I’m a novice sewer and this explained in a way I could even understand! Thank you!!

  3. Mary says

    Thank you! I am excited to sew my new cover this evening. This looks so simple and the cover looks comfortable to wear while breastfeeding!

  4. says

    Wondering if anyone serged, or hemmed before sewing, I am making as a gift and wondering if neck and hemline left untouched would look “unfinished”…..

  5. Amanda says

    why would you not just buy 25inch of fabric instead of a yard, which is 36in and deal with all that waste?

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