SucculentLOVE’s DIY Sweet Love Garden


Today’s DIY is from Kelly of SucculentLOVE, Cuppie Love & Yes Please. I’m a big fan of Kelly’s and am so excited that she’s here on Mint today. Thanks for sharing this adorable project with us, Kelly! To see the whole Valentine’s Day DIY project with instructions, click below:


Here’s what you need:

(4.) Any sort rectangular container (I used an unused metal container that came with a planter)
(2.) A variety of ropes, yarns, or piping
(1.) 2-3 cute little succulents
Cactus soil
(3.) Glue gun
Medium gauge floral wire

How to:


Starting in the center of the long side, run a line of hot glue along one side of the top of your container.  Quickly (so it doesn’t dry) stick your first rope (in this case, the gold piping) to the line of glue.  Continue running glue and then attaching the rope until you’ve made your way around to the middle of the back of the box. Using your next rope color (red here) + continue the process around the box a few times.  Continue this process around the box, using all of your rope colors.  You can switch up the colors to create your own design.



Once you’ve covered the entire box in roping you can create a sweet message in script with rope.  Start with a bead of hot glue at the bottom of your word, press the rope to the glue until it’s dry.  Then begin forming your rope into the cursive of your word, gluing along the design as you go.

Next, you want to create the top of the heart.  Take your piece of wire and glue it beneath the roping on your box.  Take the other end of your wire and glue it to the beginning point of your word.  Once dry, shape the wire into a pretty little heart.  Apply glue to the underside of the rope and glue all along the shape of the wire.  Once you get to the end, place a bead of hot glue under the rope to finish off the design.


Next you’re ready for planting your succulents.  Yay!  Fill the box about 3/4 of the way up with cactus soil.  Take the biggest plant and remove it fro it’s plastic container.  Brush off the excess dirt.  Create a small hole in the soil in the center of the box and place your succulent right inside.  Cover up the roots and nestle it in by pressing the soil in around the base.  Do the same thing with your other two succulents and get them snuggled in nice and cozy.


Present your succulent garden to someone you love and relish the sweet kisses to follow!  Happy Valentine’s Day!




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