diy baby mobile


A few days before Juna was born, Brendan and I made a baby mobile using this tutorial. So fun, easy, and just a few dollars to make. I bought sheets of colored paper and two dowels at a craft store, and used white thread to tie the dowels together and attach the shapes (I just drew a needle and thread through the paper at the top of the shape to hang them). Once the shapes were tied on to the dowels, we slid the threads along the dowels to change the position of the shapes until it balanced out. It’s lightweight enough that it spins on its own, and looks just as good straight-on as is does from Juna’s spot in her crib down below. (It was driving me crazy that most of the mobiles we shopped for only looked good from the side, rather than bottom-up!)


You can check out more of my DIY project inspirations over on Pinterest.


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