ceramics class

kaye blegvad

One day in a wave of self-pity I told my husband that I wished I could ever, sometime in my life, again have time to take an art class. Tear. And then my birthday rolled around and my sweet husband remembered and signed me up for a handbuilding class. I look forward to Tuesdays all week, when I can zone out and focus on the clay in my hands.

kaye blegvad

For some reason, I am hard on myself with all art mediums except clay. With clay I can focus on the making, and not care what it looks like in the end. It’s very freeing.

These two inspiring pieces are by Kaye Blegvad and I’m her newest fan. You can check out more of my sculpture inspiration on Pinterest.


a day in the life


As in, my life. As part of Bella Figura’s Designer of the Month sale on my stationery & invitation collection, I’m guest posting on the BF blog about a typical work day for me. You can read the full post right here!


book review: southern makers



In her new book Southern Makers, photographer Jennifer Causey provides short biographies and photo essays featuring 25 artisans from four southern states. Whether you’re originally from the south or nouveau-southern, this book will make you proud of your southern connections. Causey’s interviews with the artisans highlight their appreciation for southern heritage, particularly a history of storytelling, craftsmanship, and a slower paced life, which allows for creative inspiration and experimentation. You’ll find yourself wanting to step into their studios and stay awhile.


southern makers book

—Melissa P.

Photos by Jennifer Causey
with thanks to Princeton Architectural Press for the review copy