In the Kitchen: Cookie + Kate

I’ve been waiting for Kathryne of Cookie + Kate to settle into her new place so I could have her over here. She’s one of my all time faves and my friend. You probably already know this by the amount of recipes I post from her. They are just that good. And, in case you were wondering, Cookie really is that cute. 

What is your best memory in the kitchen (current or past)?
I just moved into my new place two months ago and I’m feeling sentimental about my previous kitchen. So much happened in there. My fondest memories are of hosting “The Breakfast Club” on Sunday mornings—a bunch of friends would roll out of bed and come over with breakfast ingredients. We would all cram into the kitchen and make a feast together.

Whats the best thing about your kitchen?
I like the all-white look and the open/glass shelving. It might be tiny, but at least it has character!

What is your favorite meal to prepare?
Tough call! If I’m entertaining, I like to make pizza because it can be a collaborative effort.

What does your dream kitchen look like?
My dream kitchen is bright and filled with light so I can take food photos right there where I’m cooking. I daydream about marble countertops but know that I am far too messy to keep them nice. I’m obsessed with white subway tile, though, so I would need some of that in the form of a backsplash. More than anything, I just want a dishwasher, a disposal and lots of counter space! Someday…

What 3 guests would you like to have around your dinner table?
Joy the Baker, Alec Baldwin and Michael Pollan. Lively, interesting dinner conversations guaranteed.


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    Thank you again for this fun feature, Melissa! You’re the best. I get such a kick out of reading other bloggers’ responses in this series and I’m so pleased to be a part of it. xo.

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