24 Merry Days Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Today’s 24 Merry Days Giveaway is right here on Mint! Aaaand we have two prizes. First is the Pretty Pegs prize! If you haven’t heard of these, they are beautiful furniture legs which fit most Ikea sofas (and many non-Ikea sofas, too). We’re giving away a set of the Estelle Mint Pegs (below) for your couch.

Secondly, we have a Leif $50 gift certificate. How you will choose what to buy with your gift certificate, I really don’t know… there is so much to choose from. Like any of these:

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10.

A big thanks to Leif and Pretty Pegs, as well as 24 Merry Days!

Here’s how to enter (giveaway ends on December 19th):

1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Like Mint’s facebook page, Leif’s facebook page, or PrettyPegs facebook page, and leave a second comment letting us know you did so.

Good luck!




  1. Raina DelRio says

    This is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! Such a great way to freshen my home for the coming new year!

  2. Raina DelRio says

    I liked Mint’s facebook page, Leif’s facebook page, and PrettyPegs facebook page. (Raina DelRio)

  3. Jamie says

    Whoa, coolest and prettiest couch pegs! Makes your couch so stylish! And you’re right, so much I want from Leif! Thanks so much! :-)

  4. Katie E says

    SOOO excited for this giveaway. This is by far the best one of the 24 merry days giveaways. In my opinion anyways. :)

  5. Jacqueline M says

    What a find!! You don’t need to ask me to ‘like’ you.. i think i’ll be visiting on a regular basis hereon….

  6. Sid says

    Really love the geometric rock necklace on the Leif site! lovely stuff on there! Love the sofa legs too!

  7. Nina says

    And I liked all facebook pages! Would be super happy if I won..best christmas present ever! Warm greetings from Switzerland!

  8. Elen says

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity! Everything seems to be so nice on Leif’s and Pretty Pegs pages!

  9. Alexia says

    I Love Leif! There is just no other words to say it in short, unless I just go on a tangent…They are so inspiring and I love, LOVE the jewelry. They have such a beautiful selection, with a flair of individuality, the stones left uncut and the rings shaped as twigs. They have a beautiful sense of colour and shape that makes it more special to any other store I’ve seen. It actually gives you a jolt of happy thoughts that adds a jingle when clicking your mouse on the “continue with Purchase” button… I have my fingers crossed.

  10. Marta says

    Looked, liked and loved!!!! Absolutely adorbale :)
    I’d love Leif gift certificate – would make the best gift for my mom, currently rearranging her home :)

  11. DESPINA says

    I would love to win!
    Lovely giveaway thank you!
    The Leif shop is my favorite for quite some time!

  12. Rachel R. says

    I adore those furniture legs! And I’m not familiar with Leif, but I’m excited about learning it exists!

  13. coasterkim says

    Cute furniture pegs. Not sure if they’ll work with my couch or chair but I’d like the chance to win them or the gift certificate. Thanks!

  14. Susan Miller says

    Those legs would be perfect for my daughter’s college apartment! Would love ANYTHING from Leif! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Morgan says

    Wow! I had never heard of Leif before, but I loved looking through their website. They have some lovely items!

  16. Jaclyn Co says

    Like everyone, I liked all three facebook pages. So many pretty things! If I win, I’d totally get something just for myself :)

  17. MelissaW says

    Wow, glad to have discovered Pretty Pegs! Now I can picture Ikea furniture looking much prettier. Leif has some really amazing stuff too!

  18. Amy Nalette says

    I think those mint green legs on my couch would be a nice distraction from the couch arms that my cat has scratched!! :)

  19. Mae says

    the furniture legs are so adorable! and i’ve been coveting the pastel dipped spoons from lief for a while now. awesome giveaway!

  20. Tawny Catudal says

    So much fun! And thank you for introducing me to Leif, wow!! Lets keep my fingers crossed :) xoxox

  21. Kate says

    Love these legs they would certainly brighten up my chair in the future nursery (feb 14th!). Love the website too, especially the blankets/throws and some of the jewellery.

  22. says

    Thanks for this ace giveaway! Sooo much lovely stuff on that Leif website. I’ve liked both Mint and Leif on Fbook.
    Happy Christmas
    Lucy x

  23. Angela Z. says

    I am not comfortable “liking” pages on Facebook but would love to enter the Leif contest, please…

  24. Nazanin says

    I also liked Mint’s facebook page, Leif’s facebook page, or PrettyPegs facebook page! wish to win!

  25. Kath says

    Such generosity – thank you. So many pretty things to choose from – a girl can only dream! My fingers and toes are firmly crossed!!

  26. says

    The Leif gift certificate would be super handy for my partner and me in picking up a couple of nice things to try to pull together our first apartment.

  27. Ali M says

    Interesting, I’m not sure the legs would match our current mainly ikea living room design, but I love the idea!

  28. Katie says

    Hi! I commented a few days ago, but I thought I’d come back and leave a comment with my Twitter and Facebook info just in case you needed to make sure my claims were true. :) My name on Facebook is Katie C. and my Twitter username is KateBMe57. Thank you again, and Happy Holidays!

  29. Baara says

    The pegs are amazing. I have been eying them for some time already. Thanks for a lovely givaway and a beautiful blog