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Since Juna was born, I’ve spent a lot more time at home and a lot less time in the studio. While I love these baby days, it’s been hard to have comparatively so little time at work. One thing the time and space away has given me is a huge appreciation for my business, my clients, and the privileges that come from being self employed.

Unfortunately, I never put much energy into the brand of Hello Tenfold. Over the past year I’ve been reflecting on my vision for the business, and set some goals to make those visions reality. I don’t have much free time, and so the brand is something I see developing further over the next year or so, as time permits. But the first step was to create a new logo (I showed a peek here) and over the last month I’ve been working hard to give a little facelift to the Hello Tenfold website and to Mint. It will be launching soon! In the meantime, here’s some of the inspiration I’ve been gathering.

Bunch for Willow Tree / oh my clumsy heart / via / found via breanna rose on pinterest (no source) / Ameen Al Saqqaf for Hanadi’s Recipes / Face for Mal de Mar / Julia Kostreva / source unknown / dazu


fern wedding invitations & DIY options

fern wedding invitations by hello tenfold

Gatsby’s gone green! I love this take on our Gatsby Border wedding invitation — the swirls remind me of fiddle ferns, and it looks great in green. At the bride’s request we used vintage botanical illustrations to create the custom envelope liners. By the way, this bride will be assembling her envelope liners herself — something we’re happy to do for any invitation order. It helps keep the cost down without losing the addition of a bold pattern. Assembly is easy, just takes a little time. Here’s a video I send to brides for DIY envelope liners.


assembly days

hello tenfold envelope liners

One thing I love about my job is the variety (and, I admit, I love doing most of it myself). I love being in front of the computer, sending emails, making edits for clients, and hopefully finding a few spare minutes to create new designs or products. And then I love heading across the street to a coffee shop to assemble a bunch of envelope liners. I love the days when I’m running around between printers, the mail shop, the fabric store, and back again.

hello tenfold wedding invitations

Here’s what was on the assembly table last week.


mountain invitations

mountain wedding invitations

Here’s a peek of a recent invitation project for a bride getting married in the North Carolina mountains. I painted a custom watercolor envelope liner, and kept the cards simple with 1-color letterpress in grey. The blue envelopes (with beautifully screen printed white addresses!) add a pop of color. More images of this suite to come!