in the studio: destination wedding invitations

destination wedding invitation

Hello Tenfold’s new destination wedding invitations, “Gazette,” are now in the shop! I wanted them to feel sophisticated and modern by keeping the design elements simple. Nice black and white type with a bold splash of color here and there, just for fun. Throw in a vintage style map, and a stripe reminiscent of a nautical flag, and I just hope I’m invited!

destination wedding save the date with map


studio planning


Last week was my first week in the new studio! There’s still a lot to do, and a lot of mess to sort out, but it just feels right — I have a great space-mate and the location is amazing. The better location meant some downsizing (read: gigantic tupperwares of random paper and envelopes now filling up my basement). It feels good to have less stuff in the studio and better organization is a good thing. Because I’m sharing the space, I’m more conscious of keeping things tidy, so I’ve been stocking up on decorative boxes and baskets (thank goodness for TJ Maxx) to keep the visual clutter to a minimum. Another thing kept to the minimum? Our budget. That’s meant making do with the furniture I already owned, recessed shelving made in the cheapest way possible, and (for my half) a large, inexpensive jute rug purchased on sale to cover the unfinished concrete floors. (Above, the space before the store front windows were installed; below, the space before we moved our furniture in.)


My studio-mate Jessie found the coolest online floor plan tool so that we could play with and share possible to-scale plans. It’s helped Jessie plan what type of storage to buy for her half of the space, helped us choose rug sizes, and helped me get a realistic idea of how many cabinets I could cram into my 175 square feet of space.


You can choose UrbanBarn products, or use generic “symbols” (as shown in our plan above) to add pictures of your own furniture, rugs, and even equipment like computers, printers, etc. As you can see from our plan, we used the exterior space to drop possible furniture options and leave notes for each other.

The plan below is a sample one from their website, which shows that you can even get into color schemes and materials:


I highly recommend UrbanBarn if you’re trying to space plan — especially if you need to share those plans with someone else!


book review: The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers


Livia Cetti is a modern guru of flower arranging and paper flower design, and her new book the exquisite book of paper flowers is a fabulous manual for trying your hand at homemade blooms. My first thought when looking through the gorgeous examples of japanese anemones, begonias and poppies, was how incredible they would be for a wedding. I desperately wanted peonies in my bridal bouquet, but I didn’t get married in the right month. If you had the time, a January wedding could be studded with white dahlia and sweet pea centerpieces!


Cetti also includes project ideas such as a mobile and a wreath, both of which would add over the top charm to a nursery. I’m sure my handiwork wouldn’t have the tidy perfection of Cetti’s, but I’m still inspired to go buy some crepe paper and get wrapping.


paper flowers book

For a demo, check out Livia on Martha Stewart.

—Melissa P.

Thanks to Abrams for the review copy.

my 2014 collection for bella figura: annadel

annadel wedding invitation by hello tenfold for bella figura

When I’m working on my wedding invitation collection for letterpress company Bella Figura, I tend to do two formal designs with one slightly less formal design. Annadel is my playful invitation this year. I wanted it to be classy, elegant, but very joyful. Something that could be dressed up or dressed down.

annadel wedding invitation by hello tenfold for bella figura

I was picturing a late afternoon wedding, outdoors in a vineyard, with a focus on the food and wine. It wouldn’t be complete without a firework send-off!


The green is a fun complement to the gold foil (a little different from the gold/blush combination that’s so popular).


DIY baby shoe shower favors

diy baby shoe shower favors by hello tenfold

My friend Emily and her husband Michael are both really into shoes, so “baby shoes” was a natural theme for their baby shower this week. You’ve never seen so many cute pairs of shoes!!

I offered to make the favors (not to be out-done by the oreo baby rattles Emily made for our baby shower, obviously). I learned how to make the baby shoes from this video, but was inspired by Ashley Goldberg’s patterns for the look.

diy baby shower shoe favors

diy babyshower shoe favors by hello tenfold

They were easy to make! The hardest part was cutting the cups down to size, which says a lot. Painting was the fun part, and lacing the shoes took some time but was easy.

diy babyshower shoe favors by hello tenfold


• paper cups (I used white paper cups & painted them, but you could also buy patterned or solid color cups and forgo the decorating)
• paint (I used acrylic)
• paint brushes
• regular scissors
• scallop edge scissors
• hole punch (I used a 1/8″ size)
• ribbon
• candy, etc to fill the cups (you can buy single-colored chocolate candies from a party supply store or online)

diy babyshower shoe favors by hello tenfold


1. Using your regular scissors, cut a few inches straight down the side of the cup to get to the shoe height

2. Using your scallop scissors, cut the cup to make it about 1/3 of the height it was originally. (If you’re right-handed, it’s easier to keep the base of the cup to your right as you’re cutting.)

3. Using your regular scissors, cut the tongue of the shoe. You’ll make two angled cuts from the top down to the base of the cup (a v shape with a flat bottom), so that the tongue of the shoe is about 1.25″ wide at the top and maybe 1/2″ wide at the base.

4. Use a hole punch to put two holes on either side of the tongue.

5. Decorate, if you like!

6. Run ribbon through the holes to lace up the shoe. When you pull the ribbon taught, the cup shape will turn into a shoe shape. Tie a bow!

7. Fill with candy, etc.