studio dreams


Sometimes I dream of building a little studio to work in, maybe in the backyard, maybe (in bigger dreams) on some piece of property I’d own with mountains and a creek running through.




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new hello tenfold booklet wedding programs


We just added a bunch of new booklet wedding programs to the shop! These are mix-and-match (if you like) and can be made in any color scheme. A few favorites here, but the full collection can be seen in the shop. (Those marbled wedding programs are made from my diy marbling day!)




on my desk this week

hello tenfold custom wedding invitations

On my desk this week are two letterpress invitations, one of my favorites from the Collection, and a foil stamped custom suite for a fall wedding. So much black, white, and gold this year. I love it.

hello tenfold simplicity wedding invitation


hello tenfold wedding websites!


I am so excited to show a peek of our newest product — wedding websites (mobile friendly, of course)! I’ve been tossing around the idea of websites to match Hello Tenfold’s invitations for years, and finally decided to give it a try. We’re launching soon with 3 sites based on 3 of our most popular designs. Woohoo!


branding inspiration


Since Juna was born, I’ve spent a lot more time at home and a lot less time in the studio. While I love these baby days, it’s been hard to have comparatively so little time at work. One thing the time and space away has given me is a huge appreciation for my business, my clients, and the privileges that come from being self employed.

Unfortunately, I never put much energy into the brand of Hello Tenfold. Over the past year I’ve been reflecting on my vision for the business, and set some goals to make those visions reality. I don’t have much free time, and so the brand is something I see developing further over the next year or so, as time permits. But the first step was to create a new logo (I showed a peek here) and over the last month I’ve been working hard to give a little facelift to the Hello Tenfold website and to Mint. It will be launching soon! In the meantime, here’s some of the inspiration I’ve been gathering.

Bunch for Willow Tree / oh my clumsy heart / via / found via breanna rose on pinterest (no source) / Ameen Al Saqqaf for Hanadi’s Recipes / Face for Mal de Mar / Julia Kostreva / source unknown / dazu